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JEKUMOBIL® Container


The JEKUMOBIL Container developed and produced by JEKUSOL is dedicated to solving the problem of mobile thermal storage. A large amount of waste heat generated by steel mills and aluminum plants can be stored in JEKUMOBIL Container using phase change materials, and then send it to the places where have demand for energy such as schools and houses. This initiative not only utilizes waste heat effectively, but also links energy providers and demanders more effectively and conveniently, increasing resource utilization and reducing pollution. At the same time, JEKUMOBIL Container plays an important role in dealing with power outages and machine failures as backup energy sources, which can avoid the serious impacts on production and life effectively.


Product advantages:

    • Temperature of hot water reaches 80°C
    • Maximum of energy storage reaches 1.5MW

Time for heating is only 30 minutes

Easy to use and can be stored as backup energy to cope with emergencies


  • Factories that produce large waste heat (steel-making factories, glass processing factories)
  • Waste Incineration Plant
  • Urban emergency supply
  • Shops

In the future, we will provide more details.


Under construction

Under construction