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Jekusol Passive Cooling Casing (PCC) is composed of phase change material (PCM, wax) and thermal conductivity enhancer, and is made by special packaging technology.

When the PCC is used in conjunction with the battery pack, it can quickly absorb the heat released by the battery pack to ensure safe use and extend the service life of the battery pack.

Thermal runaway is a technical term for a rapid uncontrolled increase in temperature. In lithium-ion cells, thermal runaway can be triggered by internal short circuits, physical damage, or overheating of the cell.

For batteries, the key safety concern is thermal runaway propagation – a chain reaction that spreads to the surrounding cells that can lead to serious fires or large explosions.

Simulation results, field tests, and 3rd party evaluations show Jekusol PCC technology successfully prevents thermal runaway propagation.

  • Eliminates Thermal Runaway
  • Passive Thermal Management
  • >40% Improved Battery Life
  • Significant Reduction in Thermal Degradation
  • Electrically Insulative, not Conductive
  • Superior Thermal Mitigation during High Charge/Discharge Cycle
  • Homogeneous Cell Temperatures Across Battery Pack