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JEKUPOWER products are a new type of electric energy storage equipment which is efficient, economical, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. It uses valley electricity during the off-peak period to convert the electric energy into thermal energy, then store it. When users need heating, the control system will release the thermal energy evenly to heat and energy is utilized rationally.


  • World standard certification, passed ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification,
  • Electricity safety, electric leakage protection and anti-electric wall functions, with state-level

    authority inspection reports, safe and stable equipment operation,

  • Energy-saving, testing reports issued by national agencies with a heat conversion rate of 95.8%,
  • Small size, modular design, similar products can save 65% of the space, 5000M2 heating area, 12H

    heating, equipment power is 240KW, equipment footprint is only about 6M2.

  • System reliability, normal pressure operation, no explosion hazards, high safety
  •  Quick maintenance, 20~30min normal temperature replacement and low maintenance cost.
  • Applicable to schools, office buildings, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, etc.