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Warranty conditions

The following warranty conditions as the scope of our warranty

1. For products on the sale of which a warranty has been expressly declared, we guarantee for the period specified in the guarantee statement (warranty period) that they are free from defects in material, workmanship and function. We remedy defects that are proven to be due to a material and / or manufacturing defect, provided that they are communicated to us by the original purchaser in writing within the warranty period, immediately after the defect is discovered. The warranty is only liable for new products or components, from these purchased products, not for a single purchase of individual components as a spare part. The warranty period begins with the installation of the device or at the latest 4 weeks after delivery, whichever comes first. The warranty does not cover minor deviations, which are insignificant for the value and serviceability of the device as well as for consumables.

2. A prerequisite for our warranty is compliance with the installation instructions, in particular the installation and ambient conditions specified by us. The guarantee expires, if not exclusively the consumables specified by us are used or if repairs or interferences are made by persons, which are not authorized for this purpose by us. Furthermore, there is no warranty claim if the defect is due to misuse, accident, improper handling, other changes to the product by the customer, normal wear and tear or natural disasters.

3. In case of warranty we will provide a spare part for the defective device component free of charge. We will charge the costs of service and technician for access and installation according to the respective service prices. When shipping to an EU country this is free of charge, the shipping to third countries is according to CIP Incoterms 2010.

The defective device component must be properly packaged at the sender’s expense and returned to our headquarters in Jena using the decontamination declaration.

4. Warranty services do not extend the warranty period and do not set a new warranty period in motion. The warranty period for replacement parts installed under warranty ends with the warranty period of the originally purchased device component.

5. Warranty claims remain unaffected by our warranty conditions. Further warranty claims, especially those for compensation for consequential damages, are excluded.