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About Us

Jekusol Wärmespeicher-LösungenJEKUSOL GmbH was foundet in 2016, a company which concentrate on researching and manufacturing high-performance energy storage equipment. We combine the phase change energy, valley electricity, new heat pump, waste heat recovery and other fields. As a result, we achieve efficient energy storage and utilization and make user experience to be energy saving, environmentally friendly, economical, comfortable and safe.



JEKUSOL started preparations in 2014, cooperating with several instituts like Germany Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden, IAB-Weimar, Technical Highschool Köln, Highschool Mainz, Technical Highschool Zittau and other scientific research units. Research bases have been established in Germany, Austria, Bulagary and China. based on the German technology, we focus on the development and application of energy efficient storage products and solutions. There is no doubt that we possess strongly scientific and technological strength.