Jekusol’s phase change energy storage equipment can be used with small and medium-sized solar energy systems to store heat energy produced by solar energy systems at a high density. Relying on JEKUTHERM series of energy storage products, it can buffer fluctuations caused by weather changes, so that the output temperature remains stable for a long time. JEKUTHERM’s low energy storage temperature, high energy storage density and long service life , which is an ideal solution for storing heat in small and medium-sized solar energy systems. The advantage of JEKUTHERM series energy storage products is that it integrates the heat exchange system with the energy storage unit and can be directly transported to the customer’s site without secondary installation, However, the weight of the equipment is relatively large, and transportation and installation of some sites are difficult. Therefore, the user can also choose JEKUHYBRID series of energy storage products, the product will be packaged into a separate energy storage module by PCM, it can be transported with the tank, and the user quickly and easily installed on the site, also solve the transport problem.