Peak-load shifting is a measure to adjust the electrical load. According to the rules of users’ electricity consumption, the power consumption time of various users is arranged and organized reasonably and systematically. In order to reduce the peak load, fill the load downturn. Reduce the off peak difference of the grid load, so that power generation and power consumption tend to balance.

Valley electricity is a price system for calculating electricity tariffs for peak electricity and valley electricity. Since the user’s electricity consumption at night is significantly less than that during the day and the major power plant cannot adjust the generated energy well, a large amount of power is wasted. Obviously the waste power is called valley electricity. If it is utilized, it not only reduces power loss, but also reduces the power load during peak hours. Thereby we can achieve the aim of peak-load shifting and capacity expansion.

JEKUSOL use a circulating medium to heat PCM installed in the products and achieve storing energy in low temperature. We take full advantage of valley electricity and shift the peak load to valley.